The mountain farm AVIUNSHOF

A unique, innovative and sustainable overall concept in the Vinschgau, embedded in the enchanting natural landscape of the Mazia Valley in South Tyrol.
Modern alpine architecture in an incomparable panoramic view overlooking the imposing Ortler Mountains, linear residential design, high-quality materials and active  mountain farming with dairy and breeding cattle merge into a harmonious symbiosis.

Holiday Apartments: Noble Security


Our four new holiday apartments with their uniform but in detail individual living concepts are all equipped with furniture made especially for the AVIUNSHOF from domestic, organically oiled precious woods. All apartments have controlled ventilation and ventilation as well as underfloor heating for a comfortable living environment. Few selected details create an atmospheric ambience, but without distracting from the essential, the unrestricted/limitless view of the surrounding natural and mountain world.


Organic Farm


At the AVIUNSHOF, active agriculture can be experienced up close.
Our farm includes about 25 brown cattle cows and 20 young cattle. In addition, our farm houses sheep and lambs,ponys and cats.  

Our two trusting and child-loving hangovers are always happy about petting units.

Our dairy cows are milked twice a day. If you like, you are welcome to come to the barn at the milking times and accompany us at work or watch the milking.
In the summer months we bring in the hay for our animals. In the steep mountain meadows this is a laborious and strenuous work, but the excellent hay quality with many fresh herbs is tasted in our delicious hay milk.

Cubic shapes, clear lines.


Wood and glass are the essential elements of the AVIUNSHOF for an exceptional living experience in the mountains. Homely larch wood in a contemporary interpretation as well as large, floor-to-ceiling window surfaces create light-flooded rooms with a pleasant living character. The selected materials are harmoniously matched to each other. 
Cubic shapes, clear lines and native woods, and clear lines are the essential elements for this special living experience in the mountains. The modern residential building was conceptually built with four holiday apartments. The selected materials are harmoniously matched to each other. 




Power source Nature

Fresh spring water.  Succulent meadows with colourful variety of flowers.  The snow-capped peaks of the mountain giants shine in the sun.
In harmony with the original nature of the Mazia Valley, there is plenty of room to take a deep breath, recharge your batteries and reconnect with yourself.
The spacious architecture with the floor-to-ceiling glass fronts opens up the view of the extensive valley and the Ortler mountain range to the southwest from all apartments. Until late in the evening you can enjoy the sun on the balconies and at an advanced hour a breathtaking starry sky, as you can only see it in the mountains!